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DeLuxe Enema Kit

DeLuxe Enema Kit

  • Reusable
  • Open top for easy filling
  • 2 quart capacity bag
  • 51" tube
  • shut-off clamp
  • Hook for hanging
  • Large nozzle for easier retention in the rectum
  • Storage purse
  • Instructions

A thorough flushing of the lower intestinal tract removes any harmful bacteria that may have built up in there. It will also leave you feeling refreshed, and removes the uncomfortable feeling of 'fullness'.

Starting the day by having an enema will usually prevent you from the bother of a messy diaper. A wide variety of solutions may be used, including coffee and herbs. Coffee, herbs, etc that are administered as an enema react much quicker and more powerfully than if taken by mouth. Try taking your morning coffee through 'the other end'.

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Price: $23.95

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