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By Big Daddy

A common question amongst our customers is, "How can I become incontinent and diaper dependent?"

There are 5 general methods that I am aware of.

    • Over The Counter:
      There have been reports that some OTC medications (like cold medicine) that when they are mixed with your own personal chemistry will produce incontinence. None of this has been proven or documented. You would need to do your own testing.
    • Prescription:
      About the same as for OTC. Some people believe that drugs like Lasix will make you incontinent. This is not so. Lasix, etc is a diuretic, which makes you pee a lot as it removes the water from your body. You still have full control. Lasix also removes potassium from the body which causes muscle cramps. Because the heart is also a muscle it can be affected and result in death.
    • Herbs:
      Herbs are not controlled or regulated by the US Government, and are considered to be 'safe'. Certain herbs will act on the urinary tract. However, how they act also depends on your own personal body chemistry, and will usually have different results for different people.
  • NOTE:
    Taking too much of anything into your body - including plain old water - can cause problems in your body systems. Getting some of these medicines to cause incontinence may require that you take more than the manufacturer recommends and more than the FDA approved it's release for.
    You can put yourself at great risk.
    There are two sets of muscles that control the output of the bladder. Both have to be open before the bladder will empty.
    When the bladder gets full it sends a message to the brain. The brain signals the nerves that control those two muscles to open and let the pee flow.
    O You can damage the nerves (in the pelvic area) that control those muscles so that they will be open all of the time.
    O You can damage the muscles themselves so that they are always open.
    O You can install a 'stent', which is a tube that is installed permanently in the urethra where it passes through the control muscles and keeps them open all of the tme.

    NOTE 1:Once done, these methods are usually not reversible. You will be incontinent for life.
    NOTE 2: The surgeon can easily hit the wrong thing in there and you will never have another erection, and/or climax.
    NOTE 3: I am not aware of any of these procedures ever having been done, nor do I know of anyone competent to do it that would agree to.

    This is the practise of inserting a tube into your bladder through your urethra. This bypases the muscles that control the flow of pee out of your bladder. You have no control over the flow.

    Long term wearing of a catheter does not usually make you incontinent. But you are incontinent while the catheter is in place. Your continence returns as soon as you remove the catheter.

    There are tapes/CD's on the market that are alleged to hypnotize you and to make you incontinent. I've had some reports that they work; I've had more reports that they don't.
    Personally, I recommend that you go to a professional hypnotist.
    When you decide that you want to be continent again, either get hypnotized again, or work on potty-training yourself.
    This is 'un-potty-training' yourself. You wear a diaper 24/7. Every time that you need to pee you do it in the diaper. You never use the toilet, or the sink, or the shower, or the closest tree. It's always only the diaper. After a time of this you will find yourself in a wet diaper and you won't realize that it happened.

    You can regain continence just by potty-training yourself in the same fashion that you got potty trained the first time.

    Being incontinent brings forward an assortment of problems and concerns.
    O Always having fresh diapers with you.
    O Preventing diaper rash.
    O Preventing odors.

    If you are really intent on becoming incontinent, I recommend that you use an internal catheter for several months to a year before you do anything permanent.
    There are 2 drawbacks to this that you would not have if you were truly incontinent.

    1. Having sexual intercourse (where you are inserting your penis into an orifice of another person) is impossible.
    2. There is always the tube flapping around from the end of your penis.
    3. Jerking off is possible, the semen oozes out around the tube, and the end of the catheter is flapping around during the procedure.

    Being hypnotized and being in a state of incontinence for a year, or more is absolutely a MUST before trying to do physical damage to your body.

    If you succeed in becoming totally incontinent, please tell us how you did it!

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