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For many people, a poopy diaper is a part of their way of life, either because of bowel incontinence, occasional/frequent diarrea, lack of adequate facilities to poop in, or it's simply a matter of preference.

Using a diaper for all of your bodily elimination needs makes life a lot simpler, especially when you have weak, or no, control over those functions. You can still go about your routine daily activities and not have to be restricted by the porcelin facilities.

QUESTION 1: I don't mind a poopy diaper, but how can I get it cleaned up?
ANSWER: The easiest way is to jump in the shower and wash it all off with soap and hot water.
If you can't get to a shower, remove the diaper carefully so that you don't spill the poop. Use paper towels to get the most of the poop off of your body. Then use wet wipes, or a wash cloth to clean up the rest of it, and re-diaper.
You should get to some soap and hot water as soon as you can and get your diaper area thoroughly cleaned up to prevent rashes, etc.

QUESTION 2: I find it annoying to get all diapered for the day and to get out and about and then to suddenly have to poop. I don't want to poop in my diaper and spend the rest of the day sitting in poop. It gets annoying after a while. What can I do?
ANSWER: One way is to use a douche-like enema in the morning as a part of your daily routine. This does not have to be a deep enema, or even very time consuming. Just a couple of minutes to get an enema bag full of clear, warm water in your butt and then expell it with all of the poop that has built up in your rectum since your last flushing. This will usually eliminate the need to poop during the day, and allows you to deal with it on a controlled basis.
NOTE: Doing this on a regular basis can cause you to become 'enema-dependent'.

QUESTION 3: What is an 'enema'? It sounds dangerous.
ANSWER: Check out Big Daddy's tutorial about enemas at Enema Information. After you have had a thorough cleansing you will feel very refreshed, alert and ready to go. It's also a great way to get rid of a hang-over!

QUESTION 4: For me the worse part about a poopy diaper is the smell. What can I do?
ANSWER: Get a bottle of Chlorophyll tablets from GNC, or your local health food store, or other place that is selling herbal medicines. You will need to take at least one before each meal and one at bedtime. Depending on the strength of the pills you have bought, you may need to take 2-3 at a time. You will know that you have the correct dosage when your poop turns green. At that point, it will no longer have an odor. It will also reduce/eliminate the smell of your sweat.
It will also help if your diaper forms a tight seal around your legs, as well as around your waist. This will help to keep the smell in. Wearing plastic pants over your diaper will also sometimes help to contain the smell.

QUESTION 5: Won't I get sick from having that poop next to my skin?
ANSWER: That's a resounding NO! Babies do it all of the time!
The thing to remember is that you can't get sick from something you don't have. If your sex partner does not have AIDS, then there is no way that you will get AIDS from them. If the people around you do not have the flu, then you won't get the flu from them. By the same token, if you don't have the flu, then you can not give it to anyone else, 'cause you don't have it to give. So, you can't give yourself something you don't have. And, if you already have it, you can't make it any worse!

What CAN happen is that if you don't keep yourself clean that you can get rashes and sores. After all, what is coming out of your body is like the ashes from a fire, or the smoke out of the exhaust pipe of a car. It is waste materials that the body is throwing away because it can't use them any more. Perhaps it already has too much of that particular item, or it can't process it for some reason.
Some of the material that comes out can already be a form of acid before it comes out, or it can turn to a form of acid after it hits the air. Urine will frequently turn to ammonia when it hits the air. Ammonia can burn the skin and cause rashes and sores.

It is imperative that you thoroughly wash your diaper area with hot soapy area at least once a day, preferably twice, or more. Make sure that you thoroughly clean your butthole where a considerable amount of the poop has been stashed between the time that it came out and the time you got cleaned up.

QUESTION 6: My Daddy/Mommy wants me to keep myself shaved 'down there'. I'm proud of my hair down there. Do I have to?
ANSWER: You don't HAVE to keep your crotch shaved, but consider these benefits:

1. It is MUCH easier to get yourself thoroughly clean during diaper changes, even with just pee, if you have no hair in your crotch,

2. The hair harbors a lot of smells, dried pee, dried sweat, etc. With the hair gone there is far less chance of offending others with your body odor.

3. If you are sexually active and your partner performs oral sex on you they won't come away with hair caught between their teeth.


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