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I was recently asked the question:


My reply:

There are as many reasons for wearing diapers as there are people who wear diapers.

The main one, of course, is incontinence. Many people are born with no bladder control or weak bladder control (or poor bowel control). Spina bifida is a common birth defect that leaves people either poop or pee incontinent (or both). Or, they experience an accident, such as in an auto, falling off a roof, falling down stairs, etc that damage the nerves that control the bladder control muscles. This may only be a partial loss of control. The same applies for bowel control. Since they no longer have complete control of their poop or pee, wearing a diaper allows them to live a normal life.

For recreational diaperists there are many reasons.

  • Football players wear diapers. Once they are suited up for a game, it is a lot of trouble and takes a lot of time to get unsuited just to pee. Wearing a diaper makes it more convenient for them. (It also has the advantage of providing more padding.)
  • Astronauts wear them during lift-off and landing when they need to be strapped into their chairs for long periods.
  • Deep-water divers wear them because (suprisingly) there is no place to pee down there once they are fully encased in their diving gear.
  • Adolescents wear them because during the development process different parts of the body don't all mature at the same rate, and they will wake up in a wet bed, or suddenly in the middle of a class (or something) they will suddenly start peeing. This is somewhat a normal part of puberty. But it is scary as Hell when you suddenly look down and your pants are wet. Or, you wake up in the morning (or middle of the night) to find that your 'wet dream' was VERY wet! They start wearing diapers to avoid the mess and the embarassment.
  • Adolescents wear them because it makes them feel like a baby - a time that was carefree for them with no responsibilities. Many adults continue to wear them for this reason. People who are wearing diapers to try to regain this time of freedom will usually have other things in order to try to enhance this feeling, Pacifiers, baby bottles, baby clothing, and baby furniture are but a few.
  • Tractor-trailer drivers wear them on long hauls. They can make better time on the road without having to stop to pee. They can pee in the diaper several times before they have to stop and change. The stop to change is a lot quicker than using a rest area, and it can take place in many different places, including on the shoulder of the road.
  • For many it's a convenience. Rather than having to stop what you are doing and breaking your concentration to make a trek to the toilet, just pee in the diaper and keep on working. Then they change the diaper when they get a break. Using a diaper increases your productivity. When 'time is money' a diaper increases your available time to make money. No matter what you are doing, it can be a nuisance to interrupt it to go and pee or poop.
  • For many, it's the comfort, the warmth and the feel of having the diaper wrapped around you all of the time. It's like having your best friend hugging you all of the time. It's having a good friend telling you that everything is all right. That no matter how bad things get in the outer world that this friend that shares all of your private feelings and emotions in your inner world is always there with you, is always there for you, and ultimately gives up its life for your pleasure and comfort.
  • For some, there is the rush that they get when they feel the pee flowing down their belly, around their genitals and into the diaper.
  • There is also the rush of walking down the aisles of their local Wal-Mart, Safeway, Home Depot, etc and peeing while they are shopping. The thrill of being able to pee in public with no one knowing it is exciting. The thrill of being able to pull off this grand deception is wonderful!
  • For some diaperists, wearing a diaper provides sexual stimulation, and sexual gratification. A guy has a good sized area of skin that the diaper is in contact with that is erogenous, and that causes sexual excitement.
  • The experience of having your diaper changed provides an opportunity to have your genitals played with in a way that can be either sexual, or non-sexual and leaves you feeling good afterwards.


These are not really 'bad reasons', but possible reasons to not want to wear diapers.
  • The continued wearing of diapers has been known to cause some people to become dependent on them.
  • Some people experience diaper rash (which can be painful) but if you keep yourself clean between changes you won't get diaper rash.
  • There is a smell from used diapers, no matter whether you pee in them, or poop in them. There are various odor neutralizers available that will control or even eliminate the odor.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, there is nothing illegal about buying or wearing diapers, no matter the reason.
  • Leakage can be a problem. With experience you can learn how to deal with it, how to control it.
  • Many diaper wearers experience severe paranoia over their diapers. Many diaper wearers have found that people around them can not detect that they are wearing diapers. Many diaper wearers have found that the people around will accept that they are wearing diapers without any problem.
    Last edit: 11/13/2011

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