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By Jim

What is a Recreational Diaperist?
The simple definition is that a Recreational Diaperist is a person who enjoys wearing diapers and similar items for the 'feelings' that they derive from it.  Those 'feelings' tend to vary from individual to individual. Usually, there is no medical necessity for the person to wear diapers, although in some cases, people who have problems controlling their bladder or bowels will also be a Recreational Diaperist.

Recreational Diaperism is an emerging fetish that more and more people are discovering, both within themselves, and in others.

Why do people do it? At the moment, I have found 3 distinct 'age' categories of recreational diaperists:

  • Infantilism: These are usually people who feel around 1, or, 2, or 3 years old when they are in a diaper. For these people the diaper is more of a symbol, or item of support, to reinforce their feelings of being a baby. The most popular reasons that I've heard for this is that when they were a baby, this was a time of helplessness, a time of no worries, a time when someone else was pretty much in total control of their lives.
    These people are usually known as a 'Teenbaby' (TB) or an 'Adult Baby' (AB)

  • Little Boy/Girl: These are usually people who feel significantly younger than their real age, but they are not interested in being a baby.  Usually the preferred age for this is in the area of 10 to 14 years old.  Again, this was a time in their lives when someone else was handling most of the worries, and most of the control. The diaper becomes support for the action of giving up some personal control.

  • Diaper Lover: These are usually people that feel their own age when they are in a diaper.
    These people are usually known as a 'Diaper Lover' (DL)
Within these categories we have found numerous reasons for wanting to have a diaper on.
  • Security: In my personal findings from talking to thousands of Recreational Diaperists, this is a real 'biggy', and perhaps the main reason for wanting to have a diaper on.

    • If the person feels that they have a bladder control issue, the diaper gives them the confidence and the assurance that if they do leak that the diaper is going to catch it and they won't be embarassed.

    • The comfort and warmth of the diaper wrapped around them gives them a feeling of security. A feeling that someone is hugging them, holding them tightly, giving them assurance.

    • The diaper becomes a 'friend'. Someone that is always holding them, comforting them. This friend doesn't bawl them out when they screw up. This friend is always supportive of them; is always there for them. And, ultimately this friend gives up it's life for their pleasure!

  • Convenience: This is also a biggy, especially amongst DL's. This gives the convenience of not having to rush around to find some place to pee when the urge hits. Especially when the available bathrooms are unspeakably dirty, or filled with people, or the person is in the middle of an important project, movie, or other activity that they don't want to break away from, or can't. With a highly absorbent diaper they can go all day without having to change the diaper. And, when it does need to be changed, it's done in a place and at a time that is convenient for them.

  • Relaxation:  The most vivid example of this that stands out in my mind is the personal experience that was related to me by a recreational diaperist. He was a student in college, majoring in a high pressure course. After a day of classes and intense pressure, he would come home, get into a diaper and a sleeper and just totally relax as a baby and put everything else aside. He slept with a Teddy Bear, or other plushie, and sucked his thumb or pacifier.

  • Control: For some people it is a control issue. Wearing a diaper is a way of giving up some control in their personal life without letting someone else be in control of them, or as a substitute for someone else controlling them.

  • Adolescence: I have found that an astonishing number of teens that are in the throes of adolescence are turning to diapers as a support mechanism for making their way through puberty.
    For many, they are drawn to diapers when they wake up in a wet bed and panic; or find that they have suddenly wet their pants without realizing it. Bedwetting information
    One of the 'features' of puberty for quite a few is a sporadic loss of bladder control. This, of course, produces an internal panic on the part of the teen. A panic that s/he is too embarassed to discuss with anyone and they resort to the covert use of diapers in order to control it. This then leads to continued usage of diapers for the security, as well as many of the other common reasons.
    NOTE: 99% of the teens that are Recreational Diaperists that I have worked with are NOT into the myriad of other things that teens get wrapped up in. They have no use for drugs, they have no desire for alcohol. They are law abiding citizens, they are not robbing banks or convenience stores, nor are they raping people, or even engaging in promiscuous sex!
    A few of them that I have met smoke tobacco, a few indulge in alcohol, a few smoke pot from time-to-time. Those numbers are miniscule.
    As far as I am concerned, if a teen can make it from 12 to 22 and the 'worse' thing that they engage in is to wear diapers, I believe that they are going to turn out to be pretty damned good!

  • Sexual: We can't leave this topic without discussing the sexual aspects of diapers. After all the diaper covers the most erogenous part of the human body! Many males find themselves with a constant erection when they are diapered. (In my experience, very few females are Recreational Diaperists. I think that it's because of the difference in relative sizes of the erogenous areas between males and females.) A male Recreational Diaperist with an erection is not an indication that he is eager for sexual activities. It only means that he has been physically stimulated. A significant number of Recreational Diaperists have absolutely no desire for sexual activities with another person. For them, their sole interest in sexual activity is diaper-related masturbation.
Is This Legal? "All that is not prohibited is permitted!" I know of no laws anywhere in the world that prohibit people, of any age, from wearing diapers.

Is This Dangerous? Some people have expressed concern to me that urine that is in the diaper can be absorbed back into the body and can cause a wearer to become infected with 'something'.
You have got to already be infected with something before you can spread it. You can't spread what you don't have. And, urine from a healthy person is very sterile.

"I just found diapers in my son's (or daughter's) room. What should I do?"

  • Step One: Don't panic!
  • Step Two: Evaluate your relationship with your child. In a perfect world you can bring the subject up with your child, discuss it fully, and everybody is comfortable with the situation. But, "Mary Poppins", "The Brady Bunch" and "Father Knows Best" are ancient history. In some way you need to let your child know that you know. You need to let them know that you still love them and that you are not condemning them for their use of diapers. This is a teens biggest fear!
  • Step Three: DO love your child. Show him/her that you love him/her. Even if you deplore their use of diapers, try to accept their desire. After all, they could be out robbing banks, using drugs, raping, and other deplorable things. Personally, I consider diapers to be a far better alternative to what many teens are getting involved in!
  • Step Four: Do try to get involved in your child's life. Perhaps there is a legitimate medical problem and they have no control over their wetting, particularly at night. A doctor can help you both to deal with it.
    Keep an open mind and try to understand his/her feelings about diapers.
    • One option is for you to help them to get the diapers - either on-line from us, or by helping them to obtain them from local stores.
    • Let them feel that they don't have to slink around and hide from you the facts about their diapers.
    • Perhaps you don't feel that it is acceptable for you to see them in a diaper. That's all right to express and enforce. At least they no longer have the onerous burden of trying to keep it from you.
    • Don't try to forbid them from doing it. They will only find ways around you. Instead, work with them to understand their reasons and thier rationale. If possible, find alternate solutions that are acceptable to both of you - if you can't deal with them wearing a diaper.
  • Step Five: Love your child. No matter what, that is your child! Love him/her. Try to understand!
  • (But, what were you doing that caused you to find this out? Will they feel that you were spying on them? That you were violating their privacy? When you discuss their diapers with them, you will need to justify (in their eyes) what you were doing when you found out.)

Teenbabys, Adult Babys, and Diaper Lovers are also welcome here

Last edit: Nov 13, 2011

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